Main paths

Servant core looks for specific files based on how they're defined in backend/paths.php. You can move files/directories around if you wish: just make sure your changes are reflected in this file.

Using paths internally

Servant can internally handle arbitrary paths in different formats. A path can be requested in any format from getter methods, or converted with...

$servant->paths()->format($mypath, $myFormat)
  • 'plain'
    • Relative to Servant's root
    • This is always the default and the format paths are stored in
    • e.g. assets/jquery/
  • 'domain'
    • Relative to domain root
    • e.g. mysite/www/assets/jquery/
  • 'url'
    • Absolute URL with host included
    • e.g.
  • 'server'
    • Relative to document root
    • e.g. Users/username/Documents/htdocs/mysite/assets/jquery/