Servant changelog

0.2.0 June 22, 2014

In addition to large refactoring and bug fixing efforts:

External scripts and stylesheets

Define external libraries to be loaded automatically always or on specific pages. Scripts and stylesheets are defined separately in settings.json.


Redirects are now supported. Servant can be instructed to redirect requests to specific endpoints. Define these in settings.json like so:

"redirects": {
    "author": "",
    "author/cv": "",
    "doc, documentation": "docs",
    "guide": "guides",
    "recipe": "recipes"


Dedicated ServantManifest class for reading the manifest JSON. All items (except sitemap) now support values defined per page node. It's now possible to define language, icons and splash images for specific categories or pages. The value for root node ("/" or "") is used as the global default, or the first value if that does not exist.

Some changes to keys used in manifest:

  • pageDescriptions is gone
  • pageTemplates is gone
  • pageOrder is now sitemap
  • name is now siteName
  • assets is gone, replaced by scripts and stylesheets

All keys are treated as case-insensitive, and both plural and singular forms are accepted.

Upgrade guide

  • Update settings.json to use the new keys and shared setting items
  • If you've hacked html template, migrate changes to the new version
  • If you're using js-vars, some variables have changed

As always, import your custom assets, pages, templates and actions.


First public release.