Technical docs

If you are a user who simply wishes to get started using Servant, there is a better guide for you. This section is for those who want to know how the internals of Servant work.

Basic concepts

Four groups of people work with Servant:

  1. Users install Servant and publish sites by writing pages.
  2. Web developers create or customize layouts and templates to create custom web sites.
  3. Backend developers write new backend actions for custom server-side functionality (e.g. accessing a database).
  4. Servant contributors develop Servant and write new features for the core system.

You only need very basic HTML skills to get started, if that. On each step you have to know a bit more. When developing features for Servant, It's important to think about who you're developing for and not ask too much skills from the user.


Servant is written in PHP, and currently supported on PHP 5.3 and up. If you're contributing, make an attempt to write code that can recover even when the circumstances aren't perfectly in your control.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please visit our Github page and clone the repository to get started.