A practical, approachable micro web framework. Designed for us humans who frequently whip up new web sites.

Drop-in setup. On PHP. Open-source.

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When you just need a web site

Servant turns your text, Markdown, HTML etc. files into a sitemap, styled with the assets you throw at it – no questions asked. It runs without elaborate database, configuration or deployment routines.

Develop your own layout or use existing themes and templates for immediate output. You choose. Hell, you don’t even have to write a single line of PHP if you don’t want to!

Just move Servant’s files on your server and it works.

Servant is for web sites – it’s not a web app platform. Use something else for authentication and heavy database operations. You can set up your frontend with Servant even if you use e.g. Play Framework for business logic and APIs.

  • Human-readable URLs
  • Fully automated asset pipeline
  • Automatic caching
  • Extendable backend actions
  • HTML meta tag generation
  • CSS, LESS + SCSS styles
  • Plain text, Markdown, Textile, HTML pages
  • PHP, Twig, HAML, Jade scripting




Usable for everyone in our team. Producers, designers and developers can all contribute.

Lightweight alternative to WordPress. Gives us the things we need with no bloat.

Publishes our Markdown documentation. Docs stay clean for us, users get a full-featured web site.

I use Servant whenever I don’t need or want a database. It’s made for the frontend.

Download Servant

We’re currently at alpha, and provide only full repository snapshots. Release packages coming soon.

Repo contains Servant core and a placeholder site, plus full documentation and samples. Have fun!

Download Servant 0.2.0

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latest version



PHP 5.3+

Apache & rewrite module